Glorinda Marie, The new Hallmark sweetheart!

Hallmark puts out many great movies that touch the heart. I was fortunate enough to interview a talented actress who plays a role in the upcoming Hallmark original, “The Christmas Card” starring Ed Asner. Who is she? Glorinda Marie. The new Hallmark sweetheart!

Paving the Road to Stardom: Who is Glorinda Marie?

Many of you may already know her work as she has played in numerous films as both the lead and supporting actress.

Some people are just born to act, and those who are know it early on.
“I was 6 years old when I started acting. Then, I wrote, directed and of course, starred in my 8th grade play! My dad to this day says he can not take a ‘candid’ picture of me because I always know where the darn camera is. But, I would say I seriously pursued acting as a career since 1995. As a non union actor I played many roles in indie & corporate films, on stage, and also in local commercials. I joined SAG just recently, in March 2006!”…Read the whole story.

In addition to working on her acting career, Glorinda has been the leading effort behind SFindieclub. Through her efforts the group has grown to be one of the country’s largest organizations of film workers. Her spirit is contagious and her energy is boundless. She is very easy-going and helpful.

“Our mission is to network local filmmakers, crew & talent thereby creating more work in film for all of us! We hope to enhance the SF Bay Area into a hotbed of cinematic creations!” ~ Glorinda Marie
SF Indieclub Leader & Actress

Glorinda’s site

Glorida’s second is – SFindieclub, one of the largest online filmmaking communities in America. “…We are not a ‘political group’ nor are we here to censor any artists from self expression. On the contrary we deeply support your right to express your views through your filmmaking whether we agree or disagree with the content. SF indieclub is concerned with supporting you as a filmmaker. We have no censorship. We are interested in enhancing qaulity of film and filmmaking locally.

If people do not like what writers are creating, please by all means write and produce your own material – express your views! SF indieclub will support you, too. You are all creative individuals. It is easy to complain about other’s work. It is more challenging and honorable to create your own work. Thank goodness we are a free country who honors freedom of expression. SF indieclub honors this whole heartedly. We will defend your right to self expression to the end – whether we agree with your views or not!

Therefore, I want to gently remind our members that while it is wonderful to participate in heated debates occuring over content (this means you were moved by the aritst), Our true mission as a collective group is to enhance local filmmaking. It is best to offer constructive criticsm to each other on how to make the quality of your films superior. Our collective mission is to enhance local filmmaking and create more work for ourselves. Network, network, network!”

We welcome all serious filmmakers to join our networking community and share your film experience with us. If you want to join SF INDIECLUB:
You must register with yahoo groups. Sign into yahoo groups. and then join indieclub here:

My role. I am writing a book about Beaux Arts, a coffeehouse in Florida that flourished for a long time. I have been the member of a few arts organizations, some more successful than others. I decided to write a book about Beaux Arts because no one else was, and I wanted to find out what made it work for so long and touch so many lives. I determined a major factor for longevity was a strong leader who mentored others and supported freedom of expression and ideas.Glorinda and SFindieclub are built on the same principals of keeping art free and flowing.



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