The Way You Make Me Feel: Curating Loss and Resilience as the City Goes “Boom!$$$$”

yourmusegallery – excerpt

Heidi McDowellMatt FrederickRandy BeckelheimerKatja LeibenathSarah NewtonAndrew McKinley
Artist reception Thursday, July 16th, 6-9 pm, 614 Alabama Street 
Exhibit runs July 8th– September 13th  


The Way You Make Me Feel addresses the impact of soaring rents, pending evictions, and growing homogeneity on San Francisco’s dwindling bohemian class. Echoing the uncertainty felt by many artists and outliers who have called SF their home for decades, the exhibit seeks to create an environment that elicits communal longing, shared memory, and a gnawing, visceral sense of instability…

“It’s like anyone who doesn’t make a lot of money has been ‘hung out to dry,’” says Shantzis, whose gallery is dedicated to both affordable art and helping to sustain local artists. She notes this definition of the idiom “hung out to dry” in theWiktionary: To abandon someone who is in need or in danger, especially a colleague or one dependent…. (more)

Opening photos:


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