Lori’s diner to close original Union Square location in January

By Justin Phillips : sfchronicle – excerpt

Lori’s Diner, the popular San Francisco spot known for cheap food and vintage decor, is closing its original location at 336 Mason St., where it opened three decades ago. Its ’60s-era aesthetics of vintage cars, pinball machines and bright red booths, along with American diner fare, made the place a San Francisco staple. Its last day will be Monday…

The closure is due to “leasing issues,” according to a post on the diner’s Facebook page…(more)

I think this is where we used to go for pancakes and waffles and rubbing elbows with the twins. If you have been here long enough you will remember the famous twins.

Add this to the list of clubs and other historic closings threatened by the twentieth century land rush that will usher in a new era of social division and decline of American culture, from sea to shining sea

For the full impact of too much too soon, see the anti-eviction mapping project: http://www.antievictionmap.com



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