Robert Pacelli

Filmmaker/videographer Robert Pacelli

Robert has been recognized for his achievements by the Barcelona International Film Festival (First Prize, 1983), the Cine Eagle (USA), Lilles International Film Festival (France), “San Francisco Chronicle,” and “Art Weekly.” His work has been featured in museums and at festivals throughout the world, such as the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art and the Hiroshima Film Festival.


Dennis Breit


Taximan trailer by Robert Pacelli and art show tribute at the Rite Spot.

Passing of Dennis Breit

Memorial Service at The Bay View Boat Club in San Francisco, Sunday, September 9 at 2 PM.

Dennis Breit passed away on Monday July 30, 2007. For those for us who knew him, he was a controversial figure. He reached the highest highs and sank to the lowest lows.

A week after he bought space 123 for $2K he started Ace Designs, one of the most successful business ventures in the history of Project Artaud. He steered many of us into careers though his job agency and was very generous with his money when he had it. After several years of rapid expansion into national markets, Dennis sold the business to concentrate on other things.

A masterful designer and engineer, Dennis tore down all the lofts in his studio and replaced them with his own vision. He put in a sky light and engineered a roof-draining system to handle the many leaks.

In it’s heyday, space 123 was the scene of many parties. There were annual Halloween events with hundreds of guests. I remember one particular party where three girls I knew, appeared as cats, and Avery was a mummy, who said not a word the entire evening. Another night we watched the Band’s final concert on TV.

Dennis was a man of many talents. He loved playing piano and painted hundred of baseball events. His work was shown at the Rite Spot and the Double Play. He also had many lives. The drive that pushed his to succeed also brought him crashing down.

Now his demons are quiet. May he rest in peace.


Mari Eliza

Obit from the SFGate site:

Dennis Breit Passed away on July 30th, 2007 at his home in San Francisco. He was 64. Born on July 21st in Chicago, IL, Dennis was the son of George Breit and Helen Saltis. He lived in Chicago and attended the Chicago Art Institute until the late 1960s, when he moved to San Francisco. Dennis worked as an industrial designer and in systems management. He later started a business known as Ace Design Company, a technical employment agency. The company’s success was in part based on Dennis’ innovative and progressive thinking and its top-notch treatment of its employees. He also worked in the fields of typesetting and advertising, which led to the creation of Neiss & Breit, a groundbreaking type-house in the pre-computer age. In the 1970s Dennis moved into Project Artaud, one of the first artist live/work communities in San Francisco. The remarkable South of Market environment which he developed there was a source of inspiration and amazement to his many visitors. It was the scene of a host of projects which he promoted, one example being the publishing of a satirical coloring book for the occasion of the 1984 democratic convention here in San Francisco. Dennis was a man of many talents and interests; his entrepreneurial and business skills, his artistic talent, his enthusiasm for politics, and last but not least, his passion for baseball and the White Sox. He was much respected for his meticulous knowledge of the game and its history and it will be greatly missed by many. He was a yearly participant in rotisserie-league fantasy baseball, and also played for many years on the Leo’s Tire Company local softball team. Throughout his life, Dennis’ wit, charm, and intelligence drew people to him wherever he went. He was a never-ending source of stories, jokes and silly puns, and towards the end of his life was unfailingly cheerful in the face of enormous adversities. At the time of his death a movie was being made about his latest adventures as a Luxor cab driver. He will be very much missed by his many friends and family. He is survived by his mother Helen Saltis; his three brothers: Arnold and Gary Breit and Victor Arre; and many nieces and nephews. Friends and family are invited to attend a Memorial Celebration of Dennis’ life at 2PM on Sept. 9 at the Bay View Boat Club, 489 Terry Francois St. (China Basin St.) in San Francisco.

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